Portland Pigs Women Win 2022 Division Championship


May 02, 2022

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The Portland Pigs came from behind to beat the Emerald City Mudhens 18-13, clinching the league championship.

On Saturday 04/23/22, the Portland Pigs Women's hosted the Emerald City Mudhens in their last game of the season. This game was the final battle for both teams and would decide who would be named DII Senior Women PNRFU Champions.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest can never be guaranteed but the sun was shining following at least a week of constant rain. Despite the beautiful weather, the field was like running in quicksand. The whistle blew as the Mudhens kicked off and the Pigs received the ball. It was very clear that both teams were there to win and no one was going down without a fight.

Lineout with Mudhens
The match was hard fought and physical – a real nail biter until the end! Photo by Sarah Quist

The Pigs were able to break the line a few times, however the Mudhens reacted quickly on defense. In the 4th minute, Brittany Hutcheon made a break from the Pigs own half and due to her power and speed, there was no way she was going to be stopped. The Pigs were up 5-0. The Mudhens reacted by getting a penalty awarded to them and got 3 points on the board for themselves. Half time score, 5-3 to the Portland Pigs.

After only a couple minutes into the 2nd half, the Pigs were given a penalty and Emily Nelson secured another 3 points for the team. Again, the Mudhens quickly responded and scored a try, tying the game 8-8.

Emily Nelson Penalty Kick
#4 Emily Nelson makes a penalty kick for the Pigs. Photo by Natalie Simon

Despite multiple injuries and substitutions the Pigs fought for almost 10 minutes to get the Mudhens away from within 15 meters of their try zone. After a nail-biting, desperate fight, the Mudhens snuck through the defense to score a try and put the score at 8-13.

In the 65th minute, the Pigs suffered yet another blow with Taryn Traughber going down with an injury. It was clear that a fire had now been lit under the Pigs and they were ready to fight back to secure a win. The Portland Pig’s forward of the match, Patty Johnson, scored a try and tied the game in the 68th minute.

Patty Scores
#1 Patty Johnson breaks through a number of defenders to tie the game! Photo by Natalie Simon

Brittany Hutcheon in the 72nd minute made another breakthrough through the Mudhens defense, awarding the Pigs with another try. Full time score, 18-13.

Hutch Stiff Arm
#8 Brittany Hutcheon scored the game-winning try to advance the Pigs. Photo by Sarah Quist

The stars had aligned for the Portland Pigs in a not so typical season and they will now be representing PNRFU in Morgan Hill, CA at the 2022 USA Club Rugby Pacific Super Regional Tournament, May 6th-8th.

When asked what makes this team so special, Head Coach Royle Johnson had this to say:

Experience is what sets this team apart. It's remarkable the number of players who started in high school. Most played in college, preparing them for competitive club rugby. As coaches, this rugby understanding allows us to implement new game plans quickly. We play like a team, not individuals, which shows in the fluid structure of play. They play for each other. Having a three person coaching team has allowed us to accomplish more at training sessions, particularly with the basics.
Captains Hold Trophy
Captains "Blondie" and Colleen proudly hold the championship trophy. Photo by Natalie Simon

The Pigs will be traveling down to California to take on the Santa Barbara Mermaids on Saturday at 1:00 PM.

There is no doubt that every single Pigs player will give it their all and will hopefully move on to the final, Sunday at 2:00 PM, and become Pacific Super Regional Champions!

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